200 S. California Ave, Suite 190, Palo Alto, CA 94306. (650) 308-8643 / (650) 823-2847

(Same parking lot, same side & across from MOLLIE STONE's Market, inside BEAUTY SPA BY EREEDA)



Basic Manicure $18
Basic Pedicure $35

Sit in a spa chair and relax your muscles while soaking your feet with a foaming sea soak foot bath. This treatment includes: cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, nourishing massages, and a buff or polish.

Spa Manicure $20
Spa Pedicure $40
Pomegranate Organic Pedicure $45
Full Set $45
Gel Fill $35
Clean up $28
Gel Color Manicure $35

This fresh bath with essential oils for your hands and feet includes a peel to remove all dead skin in order to achieve a baby-smooth finish. This treatment combines with a warm hand and feet massage lotion, letting your stress and anxieties melt away.

Thermal Spa Hand Treatment $30

This hand-spa experience is great for relieving arthritis pain and moisturizing your hands. The 20 minute massage provides pain relief and helps with flexibility. The heat is applied to seal moisture and allow it to penetrate into the skin to make it soft and smooth.

Add-on list:

Shellac Colors $15 ($5 more for French)
French $5
Design $5 and up
Take Off $5